Develonica UX/UI Design Services

At Develonica Software, while designing a software system, a mobile app or a website, we make sure they are convenient to use, easy to understand and engaging.

We achieve this through user experience design (UX) and its most powerful instrument - user interface design (UI).

UX Design

Develonica provides all components of UX design: information architecture, interactions design, graphical design, content. Working on user experience improvement, we take into account multiple aspects of end-user interactions with graphic interface, whether it is a website, a mobile app, a desktop application etc.

The major tasks that Develonica UX designer solves are to set the goals – what a client wants to achieve, to select most suitable UX instruments to reach the goals, to develop a product that is most convenient and easy to use for the target audience, to analyze the level of end-user satisfaction and whether the product meets the client’s expectations.

Develonica offers experienced UX designers, or UX architects, who, while designing an interface, will take into account all the details, from user environment and device type, to input methods and to the way information is displayed.

Develonica’s specialists pay special attention to Information Architecture (IA), and the way the information is organized from end-user point of view, and not from technology or systems rules. IA defines how elements are positioned on a page or a screen, and how the pages are linked. IA is about application menus, navigation between them and their accurate and talented implementation.

UI Design

User Interface Design is looked at as part of UX design, and has a more narrow approach to end-user experience, not taking into account user reactions to system interfaces. It deals with the look and feel of such elements as buttons, check boxes, selectors, etc., and with colors. The goal of UI is to help a user communicate with a web site or a software program.

Aplana UI designers follow several simple but very important rules to reach the goal:

  • All elements of interface have to be logically connected and well structured
  • Logically related elements are grouped together (using menus, forms)
  • Alignment of interface elements
  • Using of a single style for all elements
  • Space – needed to divide information blocks and to focus attention

A user interface developed according to all the rules increases the efficiency of resources and provides additional competitor advantages.

UX/UI Creation Process

We help our clients to create or to improve user experience based on the following process:

Our Strong Points

  • Experienced UI designers and UX architects
  • Thoughtful approach to all details
  • Attention to Information Architecture (IA)
  • Proven experience

Key principles

Out vast experience allows us to be more than technology provider: we helping clients to find best business models and monetization approaches, to create business cases and ROI models.
Under our agreements, the resulting source code and IP rights will belong to the client. No licensing fees.
We are based on principles of open communications, transparent project status reporting and frequent deliverables. Client’s product or project manager becomes part of the team.
Throughout the project, we accurately control the budget and track delivery. We achieve projects cost-efficiency through optimal nearshore/ offshore/onsite ratio.

Success stories

The leading companies around the globe trust Develonica UI/UX Design.

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