Custom Blockchain Development


Blockchain is the technology used for verifying and recording transactions using encryption to ensure security while allowing a network of users to verify them. Understanding that blockchain changes the way that business is done, Develonica offers consulting and custom blockchain development for various business needs based on this disruptive technology.

Blockchain development services

  • Public Blockchain solutions development. Developing Blockchain-based decentralized applications
  • Smart contracts. Creating smart contracts to reduce costs and eliminate human factor
  • Private blockchain. Implementing a solution based on a private blockchain technology
  • Crypto currencies. Add crypto currencies usage into your solution
  • ICO support. ICO platform development or adaptation

For your Blockchain solutions we recommend to use proven reliable distributed platforms from well known vendors such as Microsoft and Amazon. But if you decided to use other platforms or Blockchain implementations we are ready to help also.


  • А) Consulting stage - we get into the details of your task and offer the best solution that suits it. Usually, it comes as 1-2 days workshop session
  • B) Pilot project stage - we create a working prototype of the system to confirm its feasibility. Could take 1-2 months or more – depends on minimum solution functionality
  • C) Development and implementation stage - we develop production version of the solution and launch the working system.

Potential areas of implementation and industrial best practices

Blockchain is reshaping not only the global financial system: its use is expanding to other industries like commodities trading, food, and energy.

It helps fighting counterfeit ingredients in the global food industry, tracks the origin of food products and ensures its safety in the food-supply chain, reduces fraud while managing the registry of cropland.

In the world of logistics and transportation, leger systems based on blockchain help manage and track hundreds of thousands of shipping containers across the world reducing paperwork, processing time and record-keeping costs.

Key principles

Out vast experience allows us to be more than technology provider: we helping clients to find best business models and monetization approaches, to create business cases and ROI models.
Under our agreements, the resulting source code and IP rights will belong to the client. No licensing fees.
We are based on principles of open communications, transparent project status reporting and frequent deliverables. Client’s product or project manager becomes part of the team.
Throughout the project, we accurately control the budget and track delivery. We achieve projects cost-efficiency through optimal nearshore/ offshore/onsite ratio.

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