A set of innovative applications and services around road traffic information

With the Aplana team, Client delivers advanced traffic data services around the world more efficiently
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INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and intelligent movement, a new approach that leverages Big Data and the Cloud to help manage urban mobility. By aggregating a variety of sources and applying intelligence, INRIX delivers comprehensive data and solutions to help move people, cities and businesses forward.


Back in 2008 the INRIX team was looking for a partner to solve challenging technical tasks related to route optimization. Aplana not only found a solution but promptly created a working prototype to demonstrate its feasibility. This was the beginning of more than seven years of cooperation.


Aplana developed a set of innovative applications and services around road traffic information:
  • Trips and population density
  • Route optimization
  • Traffic situation analysis
  • Road weather conditions alerts
For the Trips and Population Density application Aplana developed a Big Data solution to process GPS and mobile signals, calculate routes and demographic information.


INRIX now operates the most robust driver network in the world including 275 million vehicles, smartphones, cameras and other sensors with the ability to cover over 5 million miles of road in 40 countries. Aplana’s team contributed to reducing the effort and cost required to operate the network, handle maps and data processing, and to optimizing the creation of new applications to automate key business processes.

Aplana has been an INRIX software development partner deeply focused on quality and performance. We have successfully worked with Aplana on INRIX services that help us serve our 450 customers across 60 countries worldwide.

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