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Aplana is the long-term technology partner of Holstein UK, Europe's largest independent cattle breed society.
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The Company

Holstein provides the largest and most comprehensive source of independent breeding information in the industry.

It’s also the parent company for two subsidiaries, the Cattle Information Service (CIS) and the Centre for Dairy Information (CDI). The CIS is the UK's leading milk recording and health testing organisation and operates a state-of-the-art laboratory, while the CDI develops industry-leading data analysis for the improvement of dairy production in the UK.

The Challenge

Holstein UK’s strategic objective was the complete re-development of its web environment, including websites for Holstein UK, the CIS and the CDI.

Aplana was set the challenge of building the online platforms to enable farmers to manage their cattle more effectively through mobile apps and a herd management application.

Sites had to be able to handle large volumes of data. Holstein wanted websites and applications to be user friendly, accessible and offer a contemporary look and feel that give farmers the tools to improve productivity and make their professional lives easier.

The Solution

Holstein UK’s online platforms use Aplana’s bespoke technology, which enables large volumes of growing data to be processed smoothly. The integration of the Orchard CMS platform makes it easy to publish new content and keep existing content up to date as well as helping give the websites a modern user-friendly feel.

Each website has restricted-access portal functionality (paid or free-of-charge) for different groups of farmers, which improves security for users.

The design and development of the websites was completed to the high standards expected by Holstein UK. This sites support and reflect its reputation as a leading agribusiness, which uses state of the art technology to offer comprehensive breeding services.

Anatoly Gaidai, Aplana’s CTO and R&D Director. “Aplana is at the forefront of driving technological innovation in agribusiness. Our work with Holstein UK is making a real difference in improving processes for farmers.

Aplana continues to work with Holstein UK on projects including the development of backend applications, mobile apps and personal account support.

Aplana is a true technology and innovation partner of Holstein UK association.

Peter Martin

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