Blockchain solutions for business

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Some time ago we decided to launch the separate lab for blockchain solutions for business - ABES Lab

We have studied a number of areas in which the implementation of blockchain allows to boost the effectiveness of business processes. Correctly implemented blockchain based solutions can significantly increase the level of trust between counterparties and automate the exchange of data via smart contracts. This can seriously help increase the speed of logistics, payments, services, give new planning opportunities and reduce costs.

Today the technology still requires improvement and more successful cases. PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a survey of 600 executives in 15 countries, which found that 84% of the companies are developing initiatives in the field of the blockchain. About 25% of companies implement programs or launch pilot projects. And many do it for press buzz.

Therefore, we decided to prepare a number of ready-to-go solutions to speed up the process of implementing blockchain technologies, testing and analyzing the potential value for business customers. Some of these solutions we plan to present for the demo at the GITEX exhibition in Dubai this October.